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Cellacore Partners With SEMA Data Co-Op For Data Distribution

By on May 10, 2016 in Data Distribution, Press Release |

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automotive Product Data Distribution Meets Next-Generation Technology Through A Unique Relationship Miami, Florida (May 10, 2016) – Cellacore, Inc., the automotive industry’s leading provider of Product Information Management (PIM) software, today announced a strategic relationship with the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC) for data distribution. Through this collaboration, Cellacore’s clients and users will have access to the hundreds of distributors and resellers in the automotive aftermarket that are members of the SEMA Data Co-Op, resulting in streamlined delivery of accurate product data and improve speed at which receivers will receive data. Tony Minock, CEO and Co-Founder of Cellacore stated, “SEMA Data Co-Op understands the value of accurate data and how our technology helps companies centralize that data. This effort allows us to automate the process to get data into the SDC network, which lowers the costs and improves efficiencies.” Minock continued, “The communication of our technologies will be seamless from a user and a receivers perspective.” Jim Graven, Director of Membership for the SDC, added “Cellacore’s ability to compile companies data and deliver ready-to-use files to the SDC leverages the strengths of both systems for the benefit of our industry.” Since its inception, Cellacore has established itself as the leading full-featured automotive industry Product Information Management and E-Catalog software solution provider, allowing discerning companies to accelerate product related innovation and overall business transformation. Not seen in the Automotive industry to date, Cellacore is managing product data and providing mission-critical business process automation with unmatched simplicity. Cellacore continues its success in delivering world-class functionality in its solutions while partnering with the leading industry organizations, such as the SEMA Data Co-Op. The collaboration between Cellacore and the SEMA Data Co-Op creates a unique opportunity for the Automotive industry to move into the future with lower data management costs. Cellacore clients will receive incentives as they join the SDC network. For additional information about Cellacore’s industry leading Product Information Management solution and SEMA Data Co-Op member incentives, contact Tony Minock at or Jim Graven at About Cellacore Cellacore is a leading business applications development and consulting services organization to enterprise companies. Based on a foundation of advanced technology and industry specific business knowledge, Cellacore has developed key business...

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Automotive Technology Startup Expands With New Offices In Tampa

By on Apr 21, 2016 in Press Release |

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rising Demand For Accurate Automotive Product Data Management Fuels Expansion Tampa, Florida (April 21, 2016) – Cellacore, Inc., the automotive industry’s leading provider of Product Information Management (PIM) software, today announced that they have expanded and secured new offices in Tampa, Florida to support their growth.  This accelerated expansion is a direct result on the demand for the company’s flagship software solution Product Desk. “Our investment in Tampa makes perfect sense for us to tap into the vibrant entrepreneurial and technology startup community to attract quality talent.” stated Tony Minock, CEO & Co-Founder of Cellacore.  “We are humbled by the demand we have seen for our solutions and excited about the impact we are having on the Automotive market.” Minock continued “We will hire for a series of software developers and project management jobs in the Tampa offices over the next year to compliment our teams already in place in the Miami and Toronto areas.” Since its recent inception, Cellacore has established a strong footprint in the Automotive industry and has taken the lead in managing product data for Automotive Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors.  Due to the changes with industry data requirements, Cellacore’s solutions have helped companies streamline the data management process and reduce costs with automated workflows. Cellacore’s solutions are web based enterprise applications designed to be simple and easy to use, allowing companies to quickly realize an ROI on their technology investment.  Architected to meet the ever-changing business demands in the Automotive industry, the Cellacore solutions are agile and flexible to be deployed to manage the most complex product data and vehicle hierarchies.  Cellacore is providing mission-critical business processes with unmatched simplicity not seen in the Automotive industry before. For more information about Cellacore visit their website About Cellacore Cellacore is a leading business applications development and consulting services organization to enterprise companies. Based on a foundation of advanced technology and industry specific business knowledge, Cellacore has developed key business applications for the manufacturing, distribution, and retail markets.  Cellacore is headquartered in Miami, Florida and offices in Tampa, Florida and Toronto, Canada.  For more information visit   Media Contact: Tony Minock CEO and Co-Founder (305) 330-1402 –...

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Is This The Holy Grail To Parts Proliferation Issues In The Automotive Aftermarket Industry?

By on Nov 13, 2015 in Press Release |

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE As Manufacturers struggle with the SKU Proliferation or the parts proliferation explosion, a revolutionary new segment of software called Product Information Management (PIM) is set to streamline and organize SKUs in a remarkably simple manner – becoming an essential tool in a company’s arsenal of technology. Miami, Florida (November 13, 2015) – Parts proliferation, often referred to as SKU proliferation, continues to be an ongoing challenge within the Automotive Aftermarket industry as manufacturers strive to provide options to fulfill aftermarket and OEM demand. With approximately 38 million new vehicles on the road since 2013, manufacturers continue to innovate and respond to consumer demand for options to keep their vehicles running well and keep up the appearance of their vehicles to protect the longevity their investment. One common theme that the annual SEMA and AAPEX trade shows demonstrated was the continued growth of miles driven in 2015 and the projected growth into 2016, which directly correlates to an increase in demand for quality aftermarket parts and options. To date, traditional supply chain companies have done an excellent job helping companies respond to the physical aspects of growth in shipping volumes and more complex fulfillment processes. However, the Achilles heel in building these complex systems is the growing digital assets and accuracy of related product information of new parts and expanding product lines. Enter Product Desk. A revolutionary yet simple Product Information Management (PIM) solution develop by Cellacore, Inc., the leaders in developing simple, fast, business applications for enterprise companies. Product Desk is an industry specific software solution to organize and manage the growing requirements around digital assets and product information. Product Desk provides each client with the necessary tools for companies to manage their product information in one, single trusted location, which improves the data exchange process and allows companies to easily comply with industry specific data formats such as ACES and PIES. Tony Minock, CEO and Co-Founder of Cellacore stated, “We found the more we can help companies support their supply chain systems, the more efficiently they performed and obviously this efficiency goes straight to the bottom line. By managing the accuracy of the data around new parts and part families it improves the overall supply chain process, the...

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Cellacore unveils new Product Information Management Solution for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

By on Oct 26, 2015 in Press Release |

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Product Desk helps centralize product information and data in one single trusted location. Miami, Florida (October 26, 2015) – Cellacore, Inc., the leaders in developing Simple, Fast, Business applications for enterprise companies, today announces the release of Product Desk, a new Product Information Management (PIM) software solution for the automotive aftermarket industry. Product Desk provides a robust and easy to use solution for a single trusted source of complete product information and product assets. With an intuitive and easy to use interface, Product Desk combines the agility to manage product information at a level not seen in other industry solutions. Tony Minock, CEO and Co-Founder of Cellacore stated, “It became clear from industry response that there had to be a better way to publish and manage product information. Product Desk simplifies and centralizes the management of product data, information, and digital assets while minimizing the typical manual processes related to product information management and content creation.” Minock continued, “With the Product Desk solution we are able to allow companies to receive and publish information to unlimited channels with ease, such as providing accurate and the most up to date information to e-commerce sites, printed product catalogs, and business portals. The solution also incorporates ACES and PIES automotive industry specific data exchange formats standard in the solution. By standardizing product information and content, it lowers supply chain costs, increases sales, and improves operational efficiency.” Cellacore CTO and Co-Founder Mike Bolton said, “We are always looking for ways to simplify complex business processes through technology, that is what we are extremely passionate about. Product Desk does just that in a simple, easy to use solution that will allow companies to radically change the way they deliver and manage product information and content.” Cellacore is excited to announce the launch of Product Desk in conjunction with the upcoming SEMA and AAPEX trade shows in Las Vegas on November 3-6. The Cellacore team will be in attendance to schedule demonstrations of the Product Desk solution. For additional information about Product Desk or to schedule a product demonstration, visit About Cellacore Cellacore is a leading business applications development and consulting services organization to enterprise companies. Based on a foundation of...

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Software Integration Made Easy

By on Oct 25, 2015 in Integration Desk |

Software Integration can be very tedious work between two or more systems. If the systems need to introduce custom business logic before transferring information it can add extra layer of complexity. In such case it becomes very hard to monitor how data is flowing between multiple systems, what kind of information is being exchanged, what data one system is sending to another, and what is the status of the integration process. If something goes wrong during the integration process the debugging process becomes very time consuming. This can result into bad customer service and a poor customer experience. Integration Desk is a unique approach towards software integration and the integrating of data between two or more systems. Unlike other integration providers, Integration Desk provides the visibility into the end to end integration process. The idea behind this platform is to provide the end user the capability to monitor integration and check the current status of integrating records without having any technical knowledge. Technologies: Integration Desk uses latest technologies to stay in sync with what industry requires and where the future lives. Latest technologies like Polymer, RESTful Web-Services, and SQL Servers are core components of the Integration Desk platform. Currently it is capable of doing integration between any E-commerce platforms (eg. Magento, Hybris) to ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics AX and SAP. Customized solution Custom business logic is part of every business. Integration Desk adopts this idea and provides flexible solution to the businesses. Integration Desk platform make sure that this customization takes place with no or minimum impact/changes to the end system. Benefits of using Integration Desk for Software Integration Cloud based real time Integration view. Summary for overall integration process statuses. Searching and sorting functionality. In depth record level details showing useful information flowing during the integration. Exception look up and resolution set up to resolve ongoing issue quickly. Reduces the overall effort and operational costs to exchange information between two systems. Can be implemented with no or minimum changes to the end systems. Able to show multiple companies integration on same platform. Able to create multiple end point integrations for same company or multiple companies. Permission based restricted view of information/integration for CSRs. The end user have all...

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