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Automotive eCommerce

Automotive eCommerce is simplified with Commerce Desk. Based on years of eCommerce experience, Cellacore has leveraged the leading eCommerce platforms to deliver a world-class automotive eCommerce experience while increasing sales.

Commerce Desk leverages the automotive functionality from Product Desk to allow quick and easy look up of accurate product information.  The combination of accurate product data – driven from ACES PIES data and world-class eCommerce functionality allows automotive companies to easily sell more auto parts, products, and services online.Cellacore Automotive Ecommerce

Cellacore is comprised a team of automotive eCommerce experts.  If you are a local repair shop, hard parts manufacturer, or wholesale distributor – Cellacore has a solution to fit your automotive eCommerce requirements.

Commerce Desk does not just stop with accurate year, make, model look up, it extends the customer experience with improved access to the most up-to-date information about the products, weights, dimensions, installation instructions, application data, and specifications.  Commerce Desk allows companies to efficiently keep their customers engaged through a unique integration of product data, social media, and purchasing opportunities.

With Commerce Desk it gives you the power to sell parts online.

Commerce Desk leverages two the leading ecommerce platforms, Shopify and Magento, to give organizations the option to choose the solution that is the best fit for their business.

Shopify – A cloud based ecommerce solutions use by over 200,000 businesses across the world. The Shopify platform is a simple and easy to use solution that also includes the option of an in-store Point-of-Sale (POS).  Shopify is a perfect solution for local businesses to sell online as well as those looking for a cloud based solution with room to scale.  Shopify has a very intuitive CMS and also a very mobile friendly experience for customers.

Magento – A flexible open source and enterprise eCommerce solution, Magento is the most widely adopted eCommerce technology globally.  Combined with Cellacore’s Automotive eCommerce expertise, Magento offers a complete and scalable platform to deploy B2B and B2C Automotive solutions.  Fortune 100 companies and rapidly scaling companies alike trust the Magento platform to fuel their business growth.

By leveraging two of the worlds leading eCommerce platforms, Commerce Desk by Cellacore can help increase sales and improve the customer experience for any Automotive company.  Improving your operations with the right Automotive eCommerce solution is the easiest path to increase revenue and profits.

B2B and B2C companies can benefit from Commerce Desk.  The solution allows public facing pricing and customized pricing for wholesale, jobber, and business accounts.  Commerce Desk simplifies the complex nature of Automotive eCommerce product pricing.

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