Content Marketing

Have you ever heard – Content is King? Well, it is the truth.  Content marketing and content creation is a competitive advantage to building trust with your customers.

The key to turning customers into not just customers but ones who are raving customers in todays Automotive Aftermarket industry is providing value and education.  You can accomplish this with ease through content marketing.Print

You need content. STOP. No – you need GREAT content.  People share content that provides value or provides deep insight.

Providing your customers and website visitors with high-quality content on a consistent basis provides the organic SEO horsepower your website needs to rank in search engines and build authority amongst your prospects and customers.

Article Content – The number of blogs and Automotive Ecommerce websites are growing at an explosive rate.  So, how do you stand out?

One surefire way is to provide relevant content that provides knowledge and understanding from multiple levels.  This includes industry insight, specific product level knowledge, and entertaining content.  You have to evoke emotion that keeps people engaged with topics relevant to the services and products you sell.

This is done through publishing Articles on a consistent timeframe.

Product Copy – People rely in copy in a product listing or product detail page to understand what they are buying.  They want to know the details and they want to trust what you are telling them.  Customers convert with unique and engaging content that does not look like everyone else.

Having unique product content in the Automotive Aftermarket is becoming more and more important with the proliferation of manufactures giving the PIES data to resellers.  This is leading to retailers and Automotive Ecommerce companies alike just copying the product descriptions in the PIES data and publishing it without enriching it as unique content.

Whitepapers or Free Reports – By creating thorough educational white papers or free reports you can establish your brand as an authority in your niche within the Automotive Aftermarket. They can serve as an evergreen resource for potential or current customers. Publishing white papers or free reports work great as a lead magnet that allows you to capture email addresses from targeted leads. You can then put them into your sales or marketing funnel.

Partnering with Cellacore for your content marketing ensures that your content is relevant to you ideal customer. Choosing the right partner for your content marketing is important to ensure your content is original not “spun” and not stuffed with keywords which can lead to false rankings.

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