Industry software solutions allow for faster implementation projects, rapid user adoption, less company specific customizations, and improved ROI on your overall software solution spend. Cellacore’s industry commitment is based on the success of its clients and the utilization of specialized functionality that improves the users experience.  By having an industry focus, Cellacore is able to provide cutting edge technology that gives it clients a true competitive advantage.


Driven by industry demand for simple and easy to use business applications, Cellacore has created the Product Desk Product Information Management (PIM) solution, along with Competition Desk that is a contingency sponsorship management platform.  Today’s automotive aftermarket manufacturing and distribution organization face difficult challenges as the part SKU mix increases and expands.  Managing this proliferation and keeping data accurate is a critical aspect of success in todays marketplace.

Through Cellacore’s experience we were able to create a Product Information Management Solution with specific automotive industry functionality.  Data exchanges and requirements within the industry are increasingly complex and ever changing.  The Product Desk solution has out-of-the-box functionality related to the ACES and PIES industry data formats.  The functionality allows for easy formatting, receiving, exporting, and analysis of ACES and PIES files.  The solutions include functionality around vehicle data look-up and tracking that information via industry specific data feeds such as the VcDB databases and MOTOR Data.  Additional industry specific and predefined data mappings are in place to help speed the implementation process.

Cellacore is committed to this industry through supporting industry organizations to help improve data quality, data standards, and helping companies leverage technology for improving their operations.  Experience the commitment to the automotive industry – contact us today!


Today’s Industrial Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution companies are increasingly forced to deal with shrinking margins, growing competition, operational complexity, and additional sales channels.  Understanding inventory levels as they relate to product attributes and hierarchies is key to success.  Increasingly Industry Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution companies struggle to manage this data as it is received from their suppliers and sent out to their customers.

Cellacore’s solutions help bridge the gap of integration of data and centralizing it is one location for manufacturing and distribution companies.  With accurate information and proper exchange of this data, Cellacore’s solutions help companies understand product lifecycles, create more accurate pricing structures, ensure optimal inventory levels, and improve customer satisfaction by providing the correct information at the right time.


Today’s multi-channel world has created unique challenges for retailers seeking to expand and gain market share.  The ability to integrate data seamlessly between systems, locations, and companies is critical.  By providing rich content on a consistent and up to date basis, retailers can capture customers attention and sales dollar.  By wrapping rich content around accurate data, retailers simplify the multi-channel sales cycle through the Cellacore solutions.

As more retailers expand their product offering, receiving product information from their suppliers becomes more and more of a challenge.  By having robust integration data channels with their suppliers and centralizing this data internally, retailers can streamline what was once a series of cumbersome manual processes.  The publishing process to unlimited sales channels is also improved through the centralization of product information and robust integration.