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At Cellacore, our clients are extremely important to us.  We are the strategic business partner you never had coupled with automotive aftermarket industry expertise, top-shelf marketing department, and technology consultants, all rolled into one.

However, we are very selective about the companies we work with.  It is essential that we know we will work well together and that our company is the right fit for your automotive company.  We work in the following segments of the automotive aftermarket industry:

  • Automotive Parts Manufacturing Companies
  • Automotive Wholesale Distributors
  • Automotive Retailers
  • Automotive Ecommerce Companies

Quite frankly, we only want to work with the best!  We only want to work with those business owners and executives who are extremely passionate about their companies, the automotive industry, and their clients.  Our clients at Cellacore are exceptional people with an opportunistic outlook and drive to excel and take their business to new levels.

Our clients understand the value in what we do and are willing to put in the work as well.  After all there is no “silver bullet” in business.  Our clients strive to be world-class and are looking for innovative, ethical ways to increase the sales of their company.

If this sounds like you and your company, then please read on.

All of our prospective new client relationships begin in the same way – with an Initial 30 Minute Consult with Cellacore CEO Tony Minock.  This consult is more accurately described as a day’s strategic consultation for your company condensed into a 30 minute phone call.

Following the Initial Consult our clients typically work with us in one of three areas:

  1. Product Data – ACES PIES data is the backbone of the automotive industry.  Cellacore has multiple solutions and services to help leading companies understand ACES PIES or take their data to the next level.  Through implementation of the right technology platform or providing the right expertise, Cellacore can take your data to the next level of accuracy and usability.  Do not be intimidated by ACES PIES or todays technology. Understand your options to use your data real-time, open up collaboration with your internal teams and clients.  Use your product data to increase sales.
  1. Ecommerce – Selling Auto Parts online is becoming a necessity to compete in today’s marketplace.  Your website needs accurate information that your ideal client is looking for.  Your website needs an up-to-date Year, Make, Model search and an easy way to purchase directly from you.  Yes!  You can compete against Amazon and Ebay online.  From improving your existing website, to building you a new one, to extending your website for B2B ordering capabilities – Cellacore has cutting edge solutions for todays Automotive eCommerce.
  1. Marketing – Content Marketing, SEO, and Online Advertising is essential to operating in today’s business environment.  Dominate your market – don’t compete.  Understand how to know what your competitors and peers are doing online, then develop a strategic action plan to dominate them.  Cellacore provides complete turnkey marketing services for online and offline marketing.

Our Promise – If by the end of your Initial Consult you do not agree that it was one of the best, most insightful 30 minutes you have spent working on your business, then we will make a donation to charity for $1,000 in appreciation of your time.  Equally, if at the end of the consult we do not feel you are the right fit for our company, we will help you find another company with whom we think would be a better fit for you.

Cellacore is truly like the business partner you never had.  If you feel this is for you and you are serious about up-leveling your business then schedule your initial consult today.  Click here now!

Or call our offices at (813) 775-4109 if you have any additional questions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us. Schedule your initial consult today.

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