Cellacore offers consulting services to support our client’s success on multiple levels.  Our team offers decades of deep enterprise business application development, implementation, training, and support.  The unrivaled customer service from Cellacore’s dedicated team enables technologies to be deployed in a rapid timeframe with accurate and smooth project management.

solution implementation

Solution Implementation → Cellacore’s implementation consulting methodology approach utilizes our technology expertise and deep industry specific knowledge.  Our approach to technology implementation is to ensure the overall ROI of the project as well as rapid user adoption of the technology.  Our focus is around a project oriented business process that enables our client’s to meet their business goals and objectives, not just milestones.  This includes benchmarking key performance indicators throughout the business to monitor those during the execution of the project and after the go-live.  The implementation process is a comprehensive activity that ensures success at all levels, both before and after the go-live.

software development

Custom Development → The foundation of Cellacore is to provide simple and easy to use business applications.  We focus heavily on the software development and roadmap milestones of our products.  In addition we offer complete custom software development services for business applications to meet your company specific business needs and processes.  We offer complete development, testing, and documentation services.  Our team is a full-time direct in-house staff, which ensures the highest quality and the most effective timeline.  It does not matter if it is a full-solution build or a modification to an existing software product, Cellacore’s experienced team can ensure a high quality and an efficiently operating solution.


Training → Proper training around your business applications is key to ensure your organization’s success.  Managing change is one of the most unique challenges of any software upgrade or implementation.  The Cellacore team offers complete training programs for all new software implementations.  In addition custom training programs are available to support your organizations needs.  Rest-assure that you and your team will receive all the knowledge needed to be successful and improve effectiveness.


Support and Managed Services → Cellacore offers a range of customized support and managed services contracts to meet the needs of your organization.  It does not matter if you need hourly a-la-carte support or a detailed retainer based support, you always have a dedicated support team.  This dedication ensures that we can guarantee response times are fast and easy to escalate any issues that should arise.


Advisory Services and Management Consulting → At Cellacore we are deep technology experts with real-world business sensibility.  These aspects combined with our experiences allow us to deliver the skills, solutions, and the business impact you deserve.  Our expertise around Product Information Management, ERP Selection, E-Commerce Deployment, Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, and Business Process Improvement can help most any organization in their time of change.  We perform well in high-pressure environments.  Therefore, no matter the stage of your project or your requirements the team at Cellacore can give you a fresh and realistic view along with sensible options for your business.

We are Cellacore – Simple, Fast, Business