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ACES and PIES are automotive aftermarket industry standards developed and maintained by the AutoCare Association. This data is used by the leading automotive aftermarket companies to exchange data related to parts information, attributes, variances, and vehicle fitment. Traditionally these files were or are sent in an xml format, this is expanding to access to data by suppliers and retailers via an API, which is faster, more secure, and more reliable.

ACES is defined as the Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard. The ACES standard was created to standardize information related to product selection and product fitment. Simply put, ACES is the engine behind accurate Year/Make/Model product searches and lookups.

PIES is defined as the Product Information Exchange Standard. The PIES standard was developed to define the attributes of automotive products within the automotive industry. The PIES standard is for the management of product attribute information.

These standards allow for mapping to the Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb). The VCdb is a relational database of vehicle configurations for the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Mapping accurately to the VCdb allows for proper year, make, model searches and lookup of parts to an application. The VCdb is a powerful database that has 50 unique attributes. These attributes are classified into vehicle systems or groups for simplified mapping. Unleash the power of the VCdb today and get your data into ACES PIES.

Cellacore can assist your organization with compliance and formatting of your product data to these standards and show you how easy it can be. Our team of automotive industry experts has in-depth knowledge into file structures, application mapping, and managing the automotive data required to conduct commerce in today’s market place.

Cellacore’s core focus is working with:

  • Automotive Manufacturing Companies
  • Automotive Wholesale Distributors
  • Automotive Retailers
  • Automotive Ecommerce Companies

Each segment of the Automotive Aftermarket uses ACES PIES differently, and this understanding is essential in the success of selling more auto parts. Cellacore understands each area and how to best leverage the benefits of ACES PIES data.

From creation, to management, to distribution, to consumption, to displaying data on an Ecommerce website, Cellacore has the technology and expertise to improve your use of ACES PIES data. It can be complex, but it does not have to be. It also does not have to be costly or consume a lot of resources. Let Cellacore lower costs and improve your workflow!

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