As Manufacturers struggle with the SKU Proliferation or the parts proliferation explosion, a revolutionary new segment of software called Product Information Management (PIM) is set to streamline and organize SKUs in a remarkably simple manner – becoming an essential tool in a company’s arsenal of technology.

Miami, Florida (November 13, 2015) – Parts proliferation, often referred to as SKU proliferation, continues to be an ongoing challenge within the Automotive Aftermarket industry as manufacturers strive to provide options to fulfill aftermarket and OEM demand. With approximately 38 million new vehicles on the road since 2013, manufacturers continue to innovate and respond to consumer demand for options to keep their vehicles running well and keep up the appearance of their vehicles to protect the longevity their investment.

One common theme that the annual SEMA and AAPEX trade shows demonstrated was the continued growth of miles driven in 2015 and the projected growth into 2016, which directly correlates to an increase in demand for quality aftermarket parts and options.

To date, traditional supply chain companies have done an excellent job helping companies respond to the physical aspects of growth in shipping volumes and more complex fulfillment processes. However, the Achilles heel in building these complex systems is the growing digital assets and accuracy of related product information of new parts and expanding product lines.

Enter Product Desk. A revolutionary yet simple Product Information Management (PIM) solution develop by Cellacore, Inc., the SKU Proliferation Simplified With Product Information Management Softwareleaders in developing simple, fast, business applications for enterprise companies. Product Desk is an industry specific software solution to organize and manage the growing requirements around digital assets and product information. Product Desk provides each client with the necessary tools for companies to manage their product information in one, single trusted location, which improves the data exchange process and allows companies to easily comply with industry specific data formats such as ACES and PIES.

Tony Minock, CEO and Co-Founder of Cellacore stated, “We found the more we can help companies support their supply chain systems, the more efficiently they performed and obviously this efficiency goes straight to the bottom line. By managing the accuracy of the data around new parts and part families it improves the overall supply chain process, the customer experience and revenue potential of a company.”

Minock continued, “Product Desk not only improves supply chain systems, it also improves the management, development, and maintenance of e-commerce sites, traditional print materials, and financial systems. By improving the accuracy and standardization of all of these systems, Product Desk becomes the central location of mission critical product data.”

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