Software Integration can be very tedious work between two or more systems. If the systems need to introduce custom business logic before transferring information it can add extra layer of complexity. In such case it becomes very hard to monitor how data is flowing between multiple systems, what kind of information is being exchanged, what data one system is sending to another, and what is the status of the integration process. If something goes wrong during the integration process the debugging process becomes very time consuming. This can result into bad customer service and a poor customer experience.

Integration Desk is a unique approach towards software integration and the integrating of data between two or more systems. Unlike other integration providers, Integration Desk provides the visibility into the end to end integration process. The idea behind this platform is to provide the end user the capability to monitor integration and check the current status of integrating records without having any technical knowledge.


Integration Desk uses latest technologies to stay in sync with what industry requires and where the future lives. Latest technologies like Polymer, RESTful Web-Services, and SQL Servers are core components of the Integration Desk platform.

Currently it is capable of doing integration between any E-commerce platforms (eg. Magento, Hybris) to ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics AX and SAP.

Customized solutionSoftware Integration

Custom business logic is part of every business. Integration Desk adopts this idea and provides flexible solution to the businesses. Integration Desk platform make sure that this customization takes place with no or minimum impact/changes to the end system.

Benefits of using Integration Desk for Software Integration

  • Cloud based real time Integration view.
  • Summary for overall integration process statuses.
  • Searching and sorting functionality.
  • In depth record level details showing useful information flowing during the integration.
  • Exception look up and resolution set up to resolve ongoing issue quickly.
  • Reduces the overall effort and operational costs to exchange information between two systems.
  • Can be implemented with no or minimum changes to the end systems.
  • Able to show multiple companies integration on same platform.
  • Able to create multiple end point integrations for same company or multiple companies.
  • Permission based restricted view of information/integration for CSRs.

The end user have all the necessary information just click away for better decision making and it reduces the anxiety level during the critical times. Behind the Integration Desk solution we have leading industry professionals who have years of integration experience across enterprise business application platforms. This cloud based platform is very easy to setup software integration and data exchanges for business applications, databases, and other enterprise software solutions. For further information about software integration or Product Desk please contact us today.