Integration Desk

Integration Desk is an enterprise cloud integration and on-premise integration solution that allows for rapid exchange of data between multiple technology systems, software solutions, and databases. Integration Desk is transforming how companies exchange data both with their internal and external systems. Integration Desk allows for the connection of enterprise applications through a unique platform that is visual and easy to use.

The integration of disparate software solutions and technology systems helps businesses automate processes and simplify mission critical workflows. Integration Desk provides the flexibility to integrate and disseminate data between complex on-premise and cloud applications. The Integration Desk solution provides the most advanced business logic, along with protocols and support for major message transports to exchange data between systems. The visual aspects of the solution allows for complete visibility of the integration process. This means you do not have to go through the difficult task coding integration points.

Integration Desk is a powerful tool for any organization seeking to securely integrate and exchange data continuously and real-time between disparate enterprise applications, databases, SaaS applications, or other systems, such as ERP, accounting, warehouse management, transportation management, human resource, payroll, CRM, e-commerce, and EDI systems. The cloud integration solution allows for an unlimited number of end-points. Integration Desk is a high-performance solution that can be run from anywhere via the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid solution. Integration Desk is a subscription-based solution.Cloud Integration Made Easy

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