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SEMA Show 2016 – Visit Us In Las Vegas

By on Oct 11, 2016 in Blog, Data Distribution, Product Information Management |

The SEMA Show 2016 is fast approaching!  Are you ready for Las Vegas?  The evolution of the SEMA Show is amazing!  First of all the show allot of change.  Not only has the show embraced the enhancements in vehicles and accessories in the aftermarket automotive industry.  The SEMA Show is also embracing the technology that drives the industry. Cellacore will have a booth at the SEMA Show 2016!  Our booth is located at South Hall Upper #33338.  At the booth not only will some of our team members be there.   We will also have the opportunity for attendees to demo and test drive new software technology solutions.  This is an especially relevant opportunity for those companies seeking to improve their businesses. Showcasing at the SEMA Show 2016 our goal will be to show automotive aftermarket companies the power our Product Desk and our E-Catalog solutions.  By empowering companies to generate, manage, and finally distribute their own product data, it reduces costs, time to market, and improves efficiencies.  Most of all accurate product data allows companies to sell more parts. For far too long automotive companies have been intimidated by the complex nature of ACES PIES data.  Furthermore companies were limited to managing complex spreadsheets.  Or out-sourcing their data challenges to services based companies. During the SEMA Show 2016 we will be showcasing the following: How to produce ACES PIES data files with ease Learn the power of ACES PIES data and why need it How to map fitment data and ensure accuracy Streamline the management of your digital assets Improve your search and SEO visibility How to deploy a full featured online catalog Manage multiple levels of pricing quickly Automate the export of product data Get data in the hands of those who need it when they need Easily map your product data to OEM part data Uncover missed sales opportunities Finally build simple and effective websites And much much more… Schedule your no obligation demo of our solutions today!  Simply click here.  Book your appointment time today at the SEMA Show 2016. We are revolutionary, we are simple.  Our technology is easy to use.  We are here to improve your business.  If we cannot improve your business.  We will at the least point you in...

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Cellacore Partners With SEMA Data Co-Op For Data Distribution

By on May 10, 2016 in Data Distribution, Press Release |

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automotive Product Data Distribution Meets Next-Generation Technology Through A Unique Relationship Miami, Florida (May 10, 2016) – Cellacore, Inc., the automotive industry’s leading provider of Product Information Management (PIM) software, today announced a strategic relationship with the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC) for data distribution. Through this collaboration, Cellacore’s clients and users will have access to the hundreds of distributors and resellers in the automotive aftermarket that are members of the SEMA Data Co-Op, resulting in streamlined delivery of accurate product data and improve speed at which receivers will receive data. Tony Minock, CEO and Co-Founder of Cellacore stated, “SEMA Data Co-Op understands the value of accurate data and how our technology helps companies centralize that data. This effort allows us to automate the process to get data into the SDC network, which lowers the costs and improves efficiencies.” Minock continued, “The communication of our technologies will be seamless from a user and a receivers perspective.” Jim Graven, Director of Membership for the SDC, added “Cellacore’s ability to compile companies data and deliver ready-to-use files to the SDC leverages the strengths of both systems for the benefit of our industry.” Since its inception, Cellacore has established itself as the leading full-featured automotive industry Product Information Management and E-Catalog software solution provider, allowing discerning companies to accelerate product related innovation and overall business transformation. Not seen in the Automotive industry to date, Cellacore is managing product data and providing mission-critical business process automation with unmatched simplicity. Cellacore continues its success in delivering world-class functionality in its solutions while partnering with the leading industry organizations, such as the SEMA Data Co-Op. The collaboration between Cellacore and the SEMA Data Co-Op creates a unique opportunity for the Automotive industry to move into the future with lower data management costs. Cellacore clients will receive incentives as they join the SDC network. For additional information about Cellacore’s industry leading Product Information Management solution and SEMA Data Co-Op member incentives, contact Tony Minock at or Jim Graven at About Cellacore Cellacore is a leading business applications development and consulting services organization to enterprise companies. Based on a foundation of advanced technology and industry specific business knowledge, Cellacore has developed key business...

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