ACES PIES dataOn average 76% of spreadsheets have inaccurate data and 22% of spreadsheets have copy and paste errors.  While Microsoft Excel can be great, using it as a tool to compile and map ACES PIES data can be risky.

Statistics show complex Excel files can be riddled with errors. Technology advancements in web-based applications have made it affordable and easy for small and large Aftermarket Automotive companies alike to obtain access to ACES PIES technology and forgo relying on Microsoft Excel.

The evolution of Product Information Management solutions, commonly referred to as “a PIM”, has allowed Aftermarket Automotive companies to standardize information on one platform for “one source of the truth.”  This dramatically eliminates errors related to spreadsheet data entry, ownership, and publishing.  Companies can enrich their product data in one central place to build, supply, and publish accurate ACES PIES data related to the auto parts they sell.

The evolution of PIM systems was started in the general retail print catalog industry.  From there PIM solutions moved into electronic catalogs, then to Ecommerce websites. With the proliferation of SKU’s in the Aftermarket Automotive industry it has become important to manage both the inbound and outbound flow of auto parts data via a PIM.  Without a PIM it can be very labor intensive to import ACES PIES data, manage the data, and format it properly.

All your ACES PIES data in one central location

In the past Aftermarket Automotive companies had to have one tool just to catalog their automotive fitment data.  Then they had to have another solution for their product descriptions, specifications, and packaging information.  Then Aftermarket Automotive companies had to have yet another system for marketing collateral and content.  Then yes – another system for pulling it all together into ACES PIES.

No more.

With the evolution of PIM systems, Cellacore has embraced world-class technology and workflow to bring the Automotive industry’s first full feature PIM solution that is simple to deploy, simple to use, and simple to profit from.  Cellaore’s PIM is built 100% for the Aftermarket Automotive industry.  Cellacore’s PIM solution is based on ACES PIES data, while empowering the data to be used across multiple sales channels such as Amazon, Ebay, TecDoc, B2C Ecommerce, and B2B websites.

ACES PIES Mapping solutions stop you short on true success

ACES PIES DataAutomotive Industry specific Mapping solutions are a common stop-gap to producing ACES PIES data.  They serve a purpose of just that, mapping parts to manually export files used for producing print catalogs or retailer specific files.

Mapping solutions do not allow you to truly manage your data in one location and allow access to your Automotive Product Data at an Enterprise level.  Just meeting mapping requirements to Auto Car Association ACES, NAPA, WHI, or Retailer standards does not fully leverage the power of your data.  After all we know good data will sell some parts, but great data sells allot of parts!

Or if you are a retailer or e-tailer a mapping solution will fall short with empowering you to leverage your data for use via your Retail POS or your Ecommerce website.  Using a mapping solution will create unnecessary overhead for your IT department as your POS or Automotive Ecommerce website will have to maintain a completely separate set of data in sync with the mapping solution data.  This will lead to duplicating the ACES PIES data and again opening the door for error.  With a modern Automotive PIM data can be accesses via an API. This eliminates manual and scheduled data interfaces and file exchanges.

An all access pass to accurate product data

Entering data in an Excel spreadsheet and then passing the spreadsheet to your colleagues in the next department opens the door for error.  The evolution of Excel Online and Google Docs has help reduce some errors.  However, these advanced online collaboration tools do not eliminate errors. Excel Online and Google Docs are also limited by file size and performance, which limits your ability to manage large amounts of data in a timely fashion.

By allowing people access data from the same User Interface via a PIM that will create the ACES PIES API’s, xml files, and data sets, the reduction of data errors is reduced and virtually eliminated.

The ability to enter data into one centralized platform extends to managing Automotive fitment as well.  By empowering product managers, R&D teams, and engineers to have direct access to vehicle databases, such as the AutoCare VCdb and OEM data like MOTOR Information Systems, teams can collaborate on accurate ACES fitment data.  This can also extend into R&D, as with a modern PIM workflow can be utilized.

An all access pass to accurate product data

Are you seeking a cloud based Software-As-A-Solution (SaaS) for all your ACES PIES needs?  Do you need expert guidance on how to move your data efficiently without errors?  Are you struggling with keeping your Automotive Ecommerce website up-to-date?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact Cellacore today.  Our team of industry veterans will help find a solution for your needs and budget. Great data sells more parts!  Do not let another day go by where you struggle with ACES PIES data or Automotive Fitment.

ACES PIES Data Mapping ServicesCellacore leads the Aftermarket Automotive industry in ACES PIES data management with a modern Automotive PIM. Specifically designed for the industry, driven by the industry. Cellacore’s modern SaaS architecture allows Aftermarket Automotive companies a rapid implementation plan and no-long term commitments. Call 813-775-4109 today or click here to contact us today.