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No great ACES PIES Data starts with “I’ll send you a spreadsheet”

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On average 76% of spreadsheets have inaccurate data and 22% of spreadsheets have copy and paste errors.  While Microsoft Excel can be great, using it as a tool to compile and map ACES PIES data can be risky. Statistics show complex Excel files can be riddled with errors. Technology advancements in web-based applications have made it affordable and easy for small and large Aftermarket Automotive companies alike to obtain access to ACES PIES technology and forgo relying on Microsoft Excel. The evolution of Product Information Management solutions, commonly referred to as “a PIM”, has allowed Aftermarket Automotive companies to standardize information on one platform for “one source of the truth.”  This dramatically eliminates errors related to spreadsheet data entry, ownership, and publishing.  Companies can enrich their product data in one central place to build, supply, and publish accurate ACES PIES data related to the auto parts they sell. The evolution of PIM systems was started in the general retail print catalog industry.  From there PIM solutions moved into electronic catalogs, then to Ecommerce websites. With the proliferation of SKU’s in the Aftermarket Automotive industry it has become important to manage both the inbound and outbound flow of auto parts data via a PIM.  Without a PIM it can be very labor intensive to import ACES PIES data, manage the data, and format it properly. All your ACES PIES data in one central location In the past Aftermarket Automotive companies had to have one tool just to catalog their automotive fitment data.  Then they had to have another solution for their product descriptions, specifications, and packaging information.  Then Aftermarket Automotive companies had to have yet another system for marketing collateral and content.  Then yes – another system for pulling it all together into ACES PIES. No more. With the evolution of PIM systems, Cellacore has embraced world-class technology and workflow to bring the Automotive industry’s first full feature PIM solution that is simple to deploy, simple to use, and simple to profit from.  Cellaore’s PIM is built 100% for the Aftermarket Automotive industry.  Cellacore’s PIM solution is based on ACES PIES data, while empowering the data to be used across multiple sales channels such as Amazon, Ebay, TecDoc, B2C Ecommerce,...

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Cellacore Launches Product Desk Essentials For Easy ACES PIES Mapping For Automotive Aftermarket Industry

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MIAMI, Oct. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cellacore, Inc., the automotive industry’s leading provider of Product Information Management (PIM) software, today announces the release of Product Desk Essentials, a new ACES PIES mapping software solution for the automotive aftermarket industry. Product Desk Essentials is an online web based solution that allows companies to map and manage product data. The solution exports data in ACES, PIES, and other automotive industry standard formats.  Pricing for Product Desk Essentials starts at $299 per month.  Companies that sign up at the upcoming SEMA Show will receive 30 days free and also free onboarding training and data import. Tony Minock, CEO and Co-Founder of Cellacore stated, “With Product Desk Essentials we empower companies to control their own product data and not have to rely on a service to produce ACES and PIES files.  It became clear after the successful launch of our flagship solution Product Desk Enterprise that automotive aftermarket companies also wanted a lower cost solution to simply produce ACES and PIES files.  Product Desk Essentials does just that at a low cost.” Minock continued, “The more companies that embrace standardized data exchange formats such as ACES and PIES, the more unified the automotive aftermarket will become.  By exchanging data in the ACES and PIES formats companies reduce costs related to product data management and application validation.  Companies will also increase sales by supplying accurate data to wholesales, retailers, and consumers.” Cellacore is excited to announce the launch of Product Desk Essentials in conjunction with the upcoming SEMA and AAPEX trade shows in Las Vegas on November 1-4.  Cellacore will have a booth at the SEMA Show.  The Cellacore booth number is #33338 and is located in the Upper Hall South. For additional information about Product Desk Essentials or to schedule a product demonstration, visit About Cellacore Cellacore is a leading business applications development and consulting services organization to automotive companies. Based on a foundation of advanced technology and industry specific business knowledge, Cellacore has developed key business applications for the automotive manufacturing, distribution, and retail markets. Cellacore is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has offices in Tampa, Florida and Toronto, Canada. For more information visit Media Contact Tony Minock CEO...

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