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Backlinks: What Are They and What Do They Mean for Automotive ECommerce?

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Implementing backlinks into your automotive ecommerce website is an important aspect of improving search engine optimization and boosting your site’s relevancy. The more high-quality backlinks your website has, the higher it ranks on search engines, making it easier for users to find you and purchase more parts.

When done correctly, backlinks deliver a steady stream of traffic that can quickly convert to sales.  Learning how to successfully use backlinks, however, can be a daunting task, but you can apply a few methods that can work for you.

What Are Backlinks, Exactly?

In simple terms, a backlink occurs when one website mentions another website by linking to it in the content.  Backlinks aren’t simply references to other websites; they’re clickable links within the text itself.  Backlinks are also referred to as links, incoming links, hyperlinks, or inbound links, but the concept is the same regardless of the term.

Basically, backlinks on your automotive ecommerce blog may direct readers to a product brand’s website, enhancing your own content and making the blog post more relevant to your audience.

Search engines such as Google rely on backlinks for several reasons.  Think of the internet as a vast web of websites connected by links.  These links add context and inform the search engines, which “crawl” through the internet, that additional pages exist through those backlinks.  If you start a new website and fail to add backlinks, don’t submit the site to Google, and have no other source linking to your site, users will have almost no way to discover your content.

With backlinks, search engine spiders crawl through backlinks where they can discover your site, allowing them to index it and make it searchable.  Without them, no one using the internet will know that your content exists. Now you can see why backlinks are so essential.

Understand Search Engine Algorithms

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of naturally directing traffic to your site from search engines such as Google.  SEO increases the quality and quantity of traffic through organic search results, and while SEO can take many forms, backlinks are an important aspect.

Google has long been the search engine king, so you’ll often come across information on SEO’s impact on Google’s algorithms.  Google’s website ranking algorithm is always changing, but generally speaking, the more high-quality backlinks you have on your automotive e-commerce website, the higher it will rank on searches for targeted keywords.  The highest-ranking sites will show up on the first search results page where it’s easier for users to click on your homepage.

Unfortunately, Google’s algorithms are complex and ever-evolving, making it difficult for business owners to keep up without expert help.  For example, you may think adding a link to a colleague’s marketing blog is beneficial to your automotive e-commerce website when, in reality, it may not help your site rank any higher.  Links must be relevant and from authoritative sources to make a significant impact.

253538_DuplicateContent_070518Use Targeted Link-Building Strategies for E-Commerce Sites

When building links on your website, you’ll want to approach the task using multiple strategies.

Size Up the Competition

Your first link-building strategy should be checking out the competition.  Known as a competitor backlink analysis, reviewing the competition allows you see how well competing websites are performing in your industry, determine what makes others rank well, and identify how to emulate successful strategies to help your site earn backlinks.

Note how your competitors rank in search engine results.  You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to determine which keywords are helping them rank better.  Using additional tools and software focused on backlinks is also beneficial for leveraging a competitor’s backlink strategy.

Connect With Consumer Review Sites and Influencers

Automotive industry bloggers, consumer reviewers, and social influencers are top sources you need to attract.  Your audience reads blogs and review sites to help determine which products to explore, and social media influencers generate buzz around a product, which can lead to more purchases, mentions, and reviews.  Regardless of the format, whether in print or video, social media and blogs or vlogs generate referral traffic and boost a brand’s reputation.

Once you’ve clearly defined your audience, reach out to reviewers, bloggers, and influencers who share the same audience.  Connect with automotive influencers, such as bloggers who review aftermarket parts or car accessories.  For example, you may provide a free product to a social media influencer in exchange for a review and backlinks to your site. Be sure, however, to follow FTC disclosure guidelines for social media endorsements.

Consider Guest Blogging

Publishing high-quality content on other websites helps your website gain more exposure. When you guest blog for someone else in the industry, you can earn backlinks and attract a wider audience, especially if you’re submitting content to a well-established site.

Finding guest blogging opportunities, however, can be tricky. Start by searching a relevant keyword with the phrase “guest post” or “become a contributor.” Focus on niche-relevant guest posts that are beneficial to both you and the website to which you are submitting an article.

Ask for and Provide Testimonials

Product or service testimonials are another effective method of earning backlinks in the automotive e-commerce industry. You can request testimonials from your own clients using your business mailing list or by adding an optional review process at the end of each transaction. If you’re a loyal customer of a relevant product or service, you can also contact the company offering a testimonial in exchange for a backlink on its website.

Build Internal Links

One of the easiest link-building strategies for your e-commerce business is building internal links, such as displaying relevant products on each product page. This strategy is time-consuming, but the effort pays off by increasing e-commerce metrics and enhancing SEO throughout the site. Essentially, internal linking is a straightforward way of having visitors stay and explore further into your website.

Consider adding a blog to your e-commerce site to create posts designed to recommend products, highlight staff favorites, or link to top-selling items.

Link building is a continual process for any e-commerce business. Once you have a strategy in place, however, you’ll start to see increased exposure and sales, making your site one of the more authoritative places on the internet.

Are you still not sure about backlinks?  Do you need a comprehensive backlink building strategy?  Contact Cellacore today at 813-775-4109 to understand more.  Contact us for a no obligation marketing strategy review of your website and online marketing efforts.  Call 813-775-4109 today!

The Impact of Duplicate Content in Automotive E-Commerce

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Duplicate Content Impacts On The Automotive Industry Cellacore EcommerceThe automotive e-commerce space is crowded with big players who want to distinguish their wares from the competition. It’s not good enough to simply set up a product-packed online store if your information isn’t distinct from what other sites are providing. If you use quick copy-and-paste tactics for product information and other resources or just use general PIES information, your page rankings will suffer. Although it requires some creative thinking, it’s important to avoid duplicate content on your automotive e-commerce website so that you can score high page rankings on major search engines and make meaningful connections with your customers.

Diluting Search Results on Your Site

When multiple pages on your own site have duplicate content, you’re likely to lose page rankings for all pages in question. When Google crawls your site and finds duplicates, it’s forced to determine which of the two copies should have a higher rank. This determination is ultimately an impossible question as no variances exist between the two. If minor variances are present, the pages may rank differently for different keywords. However, in either situation, you’re ultimately losing potential page ranks by diluting your SEO efforts.

Individual users will run into a similar problem when they’re linking to your site. Organic links are an outstanding resource for boosting your page rankings and gaining more traffic. However, if you have too many pages with the same information, even a human visitor will struggle to decide which one to ultimately link to. Again, you will dilute your backlinks by forcing the links to come through a variety of similar or identical pages.

You may run into this problem if you provide the same information on every page for a carburetor, for example.  Or if you just use the supplied information from the manufacturers PIES file.  Diversify your pages and provide original content, even if the content is similar. This diversification will help you avoid this particular pitfall.

Confusing Your Page Organization With Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is often created automatically by the coding featured on your website. If you’re not careful about analyzing the code and determining whether duplicate creation is taking place, you may suffer the consequences of duplicate content created unintentionally. Duplicate pages may be created if your code features:

  • Session IDs
  • Printer-friendly versions
  • Both http and https versions
  • www and non-www versions

The best solution for this issue is to make sure that you’re not using any of these features for your website. Creating duplicates through any of these means can confuse your site organization and harm your page rankings.

Losing Rank to the Manufacturer’s Duplicate Info

Automotive parts retailers typically feature detail-rich descriptions on their sites. However, these descriptions are often similar or identical to those provided by the manufacturer. If you’re using content that is an exact duplicate of what the manufacturer provides, you will always cede your page rankings to the brand behemoth. The manufacturer’s official website holds far too much authority to rank second to any repair shop or other page related to automotive e-commerce. You can’t win with this strategy, so don’t try.

While you may save time copying and pasting those automotive product details, it’s far better for your page rankings if you can create your own distinctive content for these pages. You can use the manufacturer’s site or their PIES information for inspiration, but you should go to the trouble of crafting a fresh product description.

Make your descriptions unique to your locale or niche you are selling to. If you’re in a northern climate, discuss how all-weather tires will perform in snow and ice, or include an admonishment to use a different oil when the temperatures drop. In a state in the U.S. South, you may personalize your content with a discussion of proper tires for driving on the beach.

You can also increase your page rankings and distinguish your product descriptions from the manufacturer’s descriptions by including features such as your own photos, user reviews, and demonstration videos. Develop rich and informative content, and you can distinguish your site as a valuable go-to place that provides something distinctive in the automotive e-commerce space.

Getting Removed from SERPs

Duplicate information is considered unreliable by search engines such as Google. If you have several pages on your site with duplicate details, this unreliability only increases. This situation is likely to happen if you feature automotive product descriptions throughout your site that are the same as what’s used by the manufacturer or another major player in the automotive industry.

Avoid quoting any other sites word for word. Do research how your competitors are formatting their automotive product descriptions, but don’t steal their strategies. It’s important to set your site apart from others in this overwhelmingly crowded space. Find a way to craft distinctive details so that you’re not penalized with low page rankings or eliminated from SERPs (search engine results pages) entirely because Google judges your website to be a disreputable source of information.

Losing Opportunities for Customer Connections With Duplicate Content

The content on your website offers a prime opportunity to connect with your customers. More than 65 percent of consumers perform online research before heading into a store. Consumers will look online to determine which parts they need for their vehicles, where these parts are available, and how much they cost. If they can gather this information easily on your site, you’ll be in the running for their final purchase, whether they make that buy online or by physically going to a store.

Make sure that your automotive e-commerce website offers the essential information that your shoppers need; go above and beyond carbon copy descriptions of the items in your store. Don’t simply provide the specifications for the windshield wipers; include some information on how to determine which ones are right for your car and how to install them. Do you offer free installations? Include some details on that service. Use your content wisely and dive into the store-specific details that will offer the most value to your visitors.

When you create original valuable content for your automotive e-commerce site, you will instantly distinguish yourself as one of the top providers for these products and services in your area. Whether you’re offering state-specific tips for complying with automobile regulations, or you’re explaining which oil is best for each vehicle, adding those extra details and diversifying your product information will make a dramatic difference in how your website ranks.

Are you struggling to create unique content?  Is duplicate content plaguing your Automotive Ecommerce website?  Contact us today to review your options.  We have expert writers on staff who can develop a clear content strategy.  Learn more today by calling us – 813-775-4109.

We are Cellacore, the leaders in Automotive Product Data Management, Automotive Parts Software, and Automotive Ecommerce Websites.  We specialize in helping automotive manufacturers, retailers, and wholesale distributors unleash the power of ACES PIES data to improve sales and streamline operations.  When it comes to increasing sales in the automotive aftermarket in your retails store or automotive ecommerce website, Cellacore has solutions.  We have solutions for ACES PIES Data, Ecommerce website development, SEO, content marketing, and much more.  Contact us today for a no obligation review of your business.  Call us now at 813-775-4109.

What Is Content Marketing?

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content marketingContent marketing goes deeper than traditional marketing, which focuses on overtly promoting your products and services to your target consumers.  While content marketing certainly seeks to point customers toward your services and products, it goes about doing so differently.  Instead of these traditional methods, content marketing turns your business into a brand that provides information, resources, and entertainment to your audience.

While the target audience is crucial in any marketing endeavor, it’s especially important in content marketing.  The purpose of content itself is to build connections with your audience, which builds a relationship between them and your brand.  Given that importance, content marketers spend a significant amount of time studying audiences and tailoring content to audience preferences, attitudes, and trends.

Many types of modern marketing are only alive thanks to the success of content marketing.  Businesses would not be able to improve their SEO without high-quality content to improve their page ranking. Social media marketing would be impossible without valuable content to share.  The efficiency of content has taken modern marketing in a new direction, and it can do the same for your business.

What Can Content Marketing Do for Your Business?

Content marketing has established its place of importance in marketing by building businesses and stimulating growth.  When businesses regularly publish content ripe with an engaging tone and interesting information, that content builds brand awareness and recognition.  Consumers become not only interested in your content, but your content also helps them recognize and remember your brand long after they’ve finished interacting with it.

Building brand recognition through regularly published content also helps you foster respect, trust, and credibility in the industry.  You become a resource that consumers turn to and that competitors and peers use to establish their own credibility.  That reliability serves to expand your audience base and make your audience more likely to invest in your products and services.

Content marketing efforts also lead to indirect customer conversions; when users share your high-quality content, their friends see it, and it leads them back to your website.  That engagement, in addition to improved ROI, enhances your website traffic, which, in turn, helps your SEO, making it more likely for users to find your website.  Content, such as in the form of an engaging product description, can also lead to direct customer conversions.

How Can You Succeed in Content Marketing?

Success in content marketing comes primarily with patience, research, and practice.  If you want your content to get views and shares, put the audience first. Conduct the necessary research to feel like you understand them.  Many businesses create personas that capture certain aspects of individuals in their audience, and they tailor content specifically toward that persona, ensuring that they will reliably reach those who identify with that persona.  They show the audience that they understand their concerns, and they provide practical solutions to those concerns.

To be successful in content marketing, it never hurts to learn from others who have been successful in their own content marketing efforts.  Take the time to learn from competition.  Invest in competitor analysis tools that comb through competitor websites and social media pages and measure engagement.  Look at what’s bringing audience members to their content instead of yours. Don’t plagiarize, of course, but don’t be afraid to adapt.  Maybe they’ve captured the tone better than you, or maybe they’re addressing a core concern that you haven’t touched.

If you want to get the most out of your investment in content marketing, you’ll want to take advantage of all its means of distribution, which means engaging in multiple channels and using different types of content. Regularly post blogs and articles on your website, as often during the month as you can manage.  Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, especially when it comes to Automotive Ecommerce.  Diversify your website content by publishing infographics, white papers, long-form articles, and other types of content that reinforce your roles as an authority and a resource in your field.

You’ll also be missing significant opportunities if you neglect to integrate social media into your content marketing strategy.  Post regularly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, taking into account the differences among each social media network.  You may post a high-quality image with a catchy caption on Instagram while you host regular Q&A live videos on Facebook and post quick quips on Twitter.  Each social media network provides a wealth of potential customers, and each of them gives you the opportunity to interact with your audience on a more personal level.

In the end, this type of marketing is all about encouraging dialogue.  You provide content that your audience interacts with and responds to, and that interaction fosters a stronger relationship between audience members and your brand.  Keep your automotive ecommerce content marketing efforts strong, and you’ll see your business expand into areas you may not have known existed.  To find out how you can integrate easy-to-use technology solutions with an effective content marketing strategy with Cellacore’s resources, contact us by calling 813-775-4109.

No great ACES PIES Data starts with “I’ll send you a spreadsheet”

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ACES PIES dataOn average 76% of spreadsheets have inaccurate data and 22% of spreadsheets have copy and paste errors.  While Microsoft Excel can be great, using it as a tool to compile and map ACES PIES data can be risky.

Statistics show complex Excel files can be riddled with errors. Technology advancements in web-based applications have made it affordable and easy for small and large Aftermarket Automotive companies alike to obtain access to ACES PIES technology and forgo relying on Microsoft Excel.

The evolution of Product Information Management solutions, commonly referred to as “a PIM”, has allowed Aftermarket Automotive companies to standardize information on one platform for “one source of the truth.”  This dramatically eliminates errors related to spreadsheet data entry, ownership, and publishing.  Companies can enrich their product data in one central place to build, supply, and publish accurate ACES PIES data related to the auto parts they sell.

The evolution of PIM systems was started in the general retail print catalog industry.  From there PIM solutions moved into electronic catalogs, then to Ecommerce websites. With the proliferation of SKU’s in the Aftermarket Automotive industry it has become important to manage both the inbound and outbound flow of auto parts data via a PIM.  Without a PIM it can be very labor intensive to import ACES PIES data, manage the data, and format it properly.

All your ACES PIES data in one central location

In the past Aftermarket Automotive companies had to have one tool just to catalog their automotive fitment data.  Then they had to have another solution for their product descriptions, specifications, and packaging information.  Then Aftermarket Automotive companies had to have yet another system for marketing collateral and content.  Then yes – another system for pulling it all together into ACES PIES.

No more.

With the evolution of PIM systems, Cellacore has embraced world-class technology and workflow to bring the Automotive industry’s first full feature PIM solution that is simple to deploy, simple to use, and simple to profit from.  Cellaore’s PIM is built 100% for the Aftermarket Automotive industry.  Cellacore’s PIM solution is based on ACES PIES data, while empowering the data to be used across multiple sales channels such as Amazon, Ebay, TecDoc, B2C Ecommerce, and B2B websites.

ACES PIES Mapping solutions stop you short on true success

ACES PIES DataAutomotive Industry specific Mapping solutions are a common stop-gap to producing ACES PIES data.  They serve a purpose of just that, mapping parts to manually export files used for producing print catalogs or retailer specific files.

Mapping solutions do not allow you to truly manage your data in one location and allow access to your Automotive Product Data at an Enterprise level.  Just meeting mapping requirements to Auto Car Association ACES, NAPA, WHI, or Retailer standards does not fully leverage the power of your data.  After all we know good data will sell some parts, but great data sells allot of parts!

Or if you are a retailer or e-tailer a mapping solution will fall short with empowering you to leverage your data for use via your Retail POS or your Ecommerce website.  Using a mapping solution will create unnecessary overhead for your IT department as your POS or Automotive Ecommerce website will have to maintain a completely separate set of data in sync with the mapping solution data.  This will lead to duplicating the ACES PIES data and again opening the door for error.  With a modern Automotive PIM data can be accesses via an API. This eliminates manual and scheduled data interfaces and file exchanges.

An all access pass to accurate product data

Entering data in an Excel spreadsheet and then passing the spreadsheet to your colleagues in the next department opens the door for error.  The evolution of Excel Online and Google Docs has help reduce some errors.  However, these advanced online collaboration tools do not eliminate errors. Excel Online and Google Docs are also limited by file size and performance, which limits your ability to manage large amounts of data in a timely fashion.

By allowing people access data from the same User Interface via a PIM that will create the ACES PIES API’s, xml files, and data sets, the reduction of data errors is reduced and virtually eliminated.

The ability to enter data into one centralized platform extends to managing Automotive fitment as well.  By empowering product managers, R&D teams, and engineers to have direct access to vehicle databases, such as the AutoCare VCdb and OEM data like MOTOR Information Systems, teams can collaborate on accurate ACES fitment data.  This can also extend into R&D, as with a modern PIM workflow can be utilized.

An all access pass to accurate product data

Are you seeking a cloud based Software-As-A-Solution (SaaS) for all your ACES PIES needs?  Do you need expert guidance on how to move your data efficiently without errors?  Are you struggling with keeping your Automotive Ecommerce website up-to-date?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact Cellacore today.  Our team of industry veterans will help find a solution for your needs and budget. Great data sells more parts!  Do not let another day go by where you struggle with ACES PIES data or Automotive Fitment.

ACES PIES Data Mapping ServicesCellacore leads the Aftermarket Automotive industry in ACES PIES data management with a modern Automotive PIM. Specifically designed for the industry, driven by the industry. Cellacore’s modern SaaS architecture allows Aftermarket Automotive companies a rapid implementation plan and no-long term commitments. Call 813-775-4109 today or click here to contact us today.

Who Else Struggles With ACES PIES Data?

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Is ACES PIES data a necessary evil?  Do you really need to invest in ACES PIES data?  Why is it so cumbersome?

The fact of the matter is, the positive impacts of ACES and PIES far out weights the negative.

Is it worth it?

ACES PIES Data CellacoreYes!  We have seen time and time again companies that embrace the full spirit of ACES PIES data increase their sales.  Simply put, good data sells more parts.  Great data sells even more parts.  Great data reduces returns.  Great data simplifies the sales process with a consumer.  Great data enables technicians to install parts quicker.  Great data empowers retailers to market products more efficiently.  Great data allows manufacturers to bring products to market faster.

With the growth of Automotive eCommerce consumers unknowingly benefit from ACES PIES.  When consumers benefit, satisfaction goes up, returns go down, more parts are sold, and the automotive industry as a whole thrives.

The ability to quickly lookup a part that fits a certain year, make, model is a direct result of the Automotive industry embracing ACES PIES data standards.  By using a uniform standard, manufacturers, retailers, and wholesale distributors alike are able to display part fitment information in a readily available format, while providing accurate part descriptions and details.

Content is king

We are in the digital age.  We are not in the age where only auto parts counter people or dealership service managers have access to automotive product data.  Consumers have it at their fingertips on their laptops, ipads, or smart phones.  Product data is everywhere – because it is everywhere, your product data needs to be accurate.

With unprecedented access to automotive product data, consumers are demanding more data and more content.  They want to read, they want to learn, they want to buy!  By establishing a foundation of accurate product information via ACES PIES data, manufacturers and retailers alike can build captivating content.  Manufacturers can expand content through added information in PIES, then retailers can consume this information to their website for an more engaging customer interaction.

Sell Auto Parts Online Automotive Ecommerce CellacoreE-Commerce is evolving

Gone are the days of throwing up a simple WordPress website with basic company information.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we love WordPress, but it is not an Enterprise E-Commerce website that will give you the backbone you need to display ACES PIES data and sell directly to the consumer.

You need Year, Make, Model (and possibly advanced fitment) look-up on your website.  The information driving these searches needs to accurate, fast, and up-to-date.  It should be driven by ACES PIES data.  No matter if you are B2B or B2C, the foundation of your product information on your website needs to be ACES PIES data.  If it is not, it will not be uniform with other sources and will not be easily updated.

When crafting your product information, specifically in PIES, keeping in mind E-Commerce, Ebay, and Amazon.  Each sales channel should contain unique content to allow for the complete value proposition to be conveyed to the consumer.

Keywords matter in PIES content

By providing unique content in the product descriptions using SEO friendly keywords, it will help improve customer engagement and sales.  Do the research to understand what search engine keywords rank for your product and use those keywords in your product descriptions.

Keywords simply put are the words or phases people searching for your parts use in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Despite what some automotive content experts think, using search engine friendly keywords in PIES content is essential.

While most people rely on Google’s Keyword planner, often it is not accurate.  Keyword planner used to be very relevant, however, Google has not maintained the accuracy of the search terms and keywords as of late.  Therefore, using other third party tools are an expert secret. Some alternative keyword research tools are Moz’s Keyword Exploer, SEMrush, and Wordstream.

Other ways to research relevant keywords and content is to keeping an eye on what is trending and is the latest news.  This means taking a look at other articles or topics that are trending or top in search results.  Research can easily be done by searching online an individual part specifically or researching a part type or part family.  Or if your part fitment is only relevant for a certain brand or model, do some research about that brand or model.  Researching trending topics can be as easy as using Google.  Some other expert secret tools are Buzzsumo, Medium, and Reddit.

Steal their thunder and get involved

Companies large and small have paved the way for ACES PIES to drive accurate product data.  Learn from them.  Not sure, just reach out.  You would be surprise how your industry peers will help you.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Don’t be scared of ACES PIES.  Leverage what other companies have done to slingshot your efforts.  Other organizations like the SEMA Data Co-Op are eager to help too.  The more companies that embrace ACES PIES data, the more streamlined the industry will become.ACES PIES Data Services Cellacore Automotive

ACES PIES is an industry standard, driven by you, for you.  If you do not like it, help change it, get involved.  There are multiple opportunities throughout the year to join in shaping the future of ACES PIES.  The Spring and Fall Leadership Days hosted by the AutoCare Association is where you can get involved.  The Spring and Fall Leadership Days events are in-person events hosted by industry leaders who are shaping ACES PIES, they welcome feedback.  Information about the Spring and Fall Leadership days can be found directly on the Auto Care Association website.

The Auto Care Association also manages and facilitates multiple work streams that are on-going throughout the year as well.  They work on all aspects of ACES PIES data, structure, features, and formats.  Get involved today to learn more.  The work streams are driven around topics that are direct suggestions from ACES PIES users just like you.

Are you still struggling with the value of ACES PIES data?  Perhaps you are seeking a modern and effective automotive e-commerce website?  Yes!  Cellacore has solutions to help you.  Do not be intimidated by ACES PIES data.  Contact us today for a no obligation review of your requirements.  Contact us now by clicking here.  Call us today (813) 775-4109.


JEGS Selects Cellacore Product Desk to Fuel Product Data Management

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Leading High Performance Automotive Equipment Retailer To Improve The Consumer Experience Around Product Data With The Adoption Of Product Desk PIM Software Solution

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cellacore, Inc., the automotive industry’s leading provider of Product Information Management (PIM) software, today announced that JEGS High Performance has selected Product Desk to power and manage all aspects of product data management.

Headquartered in Delaware, OH, the JEGS name is synonymous with high performance automotive parts and equipment.  With the selection of Product Desk, JEGS will be replacing multiple legacy software systems to streamline business processes related to product data management.

“After evaluating Cellacore Product Desk, our team at JEGS felt the application was the superior solution for managing the complex nature of high performance automotive products,”  stated Pete Cavanaugh, Chief Information Officer at JEGS.

Jegs CellacoreCavanaugh continued, “Product Desk stands apart with its automotive specific functionality built natively into the application.   Product Desk will allow the JEGS team to have one central application to manage all product data related to every part we have available for our customers.   The modern architecture and functionality of Product Desk will deliver more accurate product data and faster access to it. “

“JEGS commitment to their customers shows in their investment in Product Desk.  The team at JEGS understands the power of accurate product data and how it can improve the customer experience,” said Tony Minock, CEO & Co-Founder of Cellacore.  “Product Desk will allow JEGS to streamline the management and publishing of product data to their website, printed catalogs, and improve the accessibility for their customer service representatives.”

Product Desk is an enterprise business application that is revolutionary for the automotive industry, yet simple and easy to use.  For more information about Product Desk and Cellacore’s services visit

About JEGS:
For 57 years, JEGS has been a leader in high performance racing parts.  Founded by Jeg Coughlin, Sr., JEGS is now lead by his four sons, John, Troy, Mike, and Jeg, Jr.  The operation today, which started as a small speed shop in downtown Columbus, OH, now encompasses multiple state-of-the-art distribution facilities, call centers, chassis shop, and retail store in the Columbus area.  JEGS employs more than 350 associates, yet maintains the founding company culture of a small, family-run speed shop that continues to preserve a one-on-one relationship with each customer.  For more information visit

About Cellacore
Cellacore is a leading business applications development and consulting services organization to automotive companies. Based on a foundation of advanced technology and industry specific business knowledge, Cellacore has developed key business applications for the automotive manufacturing, distribution, and retail markets. Cellacore is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida and has offices Toronto, Canada. For more information visit

Media Contact
Tony Minock
CEO and Co-Founder
(305) 330-1402 – Phone

Globe Newswire Press Release click here.

Cellacore Launches Product Desk Essentials For Easy ACES PIES Mapping For Automotive Aftermarket Industry

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MIAMI, Oct. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cellacore, Inc., the automotive industry’s leading provider of Product Information Management (PIM) software, today announces the release of Product Desk Essentials, a new ACES PIES mapping software solution for the automotive aftermarket industry.

Product Desk Essentials is an online web based solution that allows companies to map and manage product data. The solution exports data in ACES, PIES, and other automotive industry standard formats.  Pricing for Product Desk Essentials starts at $299 per month.  Companies that sign up at the upcoming SEMA Show will receive 30 days free and also free onboarding training and data import.

ACES PIES Data Product DeskTony Minock, CEO and Co-Founder of Cellacore stated, “With Product Desk Essentials we empower companies to control their own product data and not have to rely on a service to produce ACES and PIES files.  It became clear after the successful launch of our flagship solution Product Desk Enterprise that automotive aftermarket companies also wanted a lower cost solution to simply produce ACES and PIES files.  Product Desk Essentials does just that at a low cost.”

Minock continued, “The more companies that embrace standardized data exchange formats such as ACES and PIES, the more unified the automotive aftermarket will become.  By exchanging data in the ACES and PIES formats companies reduce costs related to product data management and application validation.  Companies will also increase sales by supplying accurate data to wholesales, retailers, and consumers.”

Cellacore is excited to announce the launch of Product Desk Essentials in conjunction with the upcoming SEMA and AAPEX trade shows in Las Vegas on November 1-4.  Cellacore will have a booth at the SEMA Show.  The Cellacore booth number is #33338 and is located in the Upper Hall South.

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Cellacore is a leading business applications development and consulting services organization to automotive companies. Based on a foundation of advanced technology and industry specific business knowledge, Cellacore has developed key business applications for the automotive manufacturing, distribution, and retail markets. Cellacore is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has offices in Tampa, Florida and Toronto, Canada. For more information visit

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